Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week starts Weds May 3rd

May 02, 2017

Here's how you can help show our wonderful teachers and staff how much they mean to us all.

We are in need of some parent volunteers to make the week a success at each Campus especially on Tuesday, May 9th when lunch is provided for all teachers and staff.  If you are able to assist with the lunch, please sign up at www.bit.ly/VolunteerPower.

Below is the schedule for the week:
WEDNESDAY May 3rd- Coffee Cart at Fernwood.  The PTA has hired a morning coffee cart at the Fernwood Campus for Teachers and Staff.  The PTA  will drop off coffee travelers at Hollywood and Rose City Park.  We are hoping for a volunteer from each classroom at Hollyrood and Rose City Park to bring their teacher her favorite coffee or tea drink.    
THURSDAY, May 4th -  Bring a card for your teacher and other staff. This can be a note, card, poem, picture, painting or any combination there of. Home-made cards are great, especially when the kids make them. Don't forget the teachers you may not see every day and our support staff.
FRIDAY May 5th -  Do something nice for your teacher and other staffOffer to do a volunteer task, say some kind words, donate a book or supplies to the class. Any acts of kindness are greatly appreciated.
MONDAY, May 8th-  Bring a flower for your teacher and other staff.  It’s great to see the bright bouquets that come together as the kids bring in different flowers from around their yards.  Don’t forget the teachers you may not see every day and our dedicated support staff.
TUESDAY, May 9th -  Teacher & Staff Appreciation Lunch:  Sweet Basil Thai is generously catering the lunch at all three campuses this year.   We  need volunteers to bring desserts, beverages, and help with set up and clean up. Pease consider volunteering for this event.   If you are able to assist, email Amber Johnson at joh71@comcast.net or  Christine Jeschke at christine@puckydog.com  or sign up at www.bit.ly/VolunteerPower.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week is meant to be fun and participation is encouraged but not required.  This is not a competition and is meant to be enjoyable for the teachers and the kids.   You don’t have to purchase anything.  Let your child take the lead and make this special in their own way.   Thanks for your participation!





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