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Beverly Cleary School Foundation - FAQ

1.    What is the Beverly Cleary School (BCS) Foundation?

The BCS Foundation is a parent-led, nonprofit fundraising organization that raises money for teachers and educational support staff (PEOPLE) at BCS. The Foundation is the only way we have to provide teachers for our school above and beyond what the district allocates in the spring budget process. 

2.    How much money does the Foundation raise?

The goal for 2013-2014 is $220,000.  In 2011-2012, the Foundation raised $250,000. This year, we’ve lowered the target to reflect the impact of the technology campaign on the school’s overall fundraising efforts.

3.    How much does every family need to give to reach this goal? 

Currently, we have 550 families at Beverly Cleary. If everyone gave $400, we would reach our $220,000 goal.  Keep in mind, however, that this is a real stretch for many families at BCS, so some give far less than that.  To help bridge the gap, we have many generous families who can and do give much more.  It’s a true community effort.

4.    Does all the money go to BCS?

No. The first $10,000 raised is set aside for BCS, then expenses are deducted.  Per Portland Public School Board policy, 30 percent of the remainder is given to the district’s Equity Fund and redistributed to high-need schools using a data-driven formula. The remaining 2/3 is turned over to BCS on July 1 for use in the same calendar school year. 

5.    Who decides how the BCS portion will be spent?

The principal (Teri Geist) decides how best to apply Foundation funds. 

6.    How did we spend last year’s contributions?

In 2013, we grew 5 percent between May (when PPS staffing allocations were finalized) and September, which made BCS Foundation funds even more critical to the success of our school.  Your generous 2012-2013 contributions of $250,000 meant more teachers for our kids in:

  • Technology
  • Library/media
  • Art
  • Basic Skills
  • Educational Assistants
  • 5th grade – hiring a 5th grade teacher avoided a 4/5 split and lowered class sizes in both grades

7.    Will the money raised now be applied to BCS this school year? 

No.  Funds raised after July 1 are applied to the following calendar school year.  So, money raised now will be applied to the 2014-2015 school year. 

8.    Does the Foundation fundraise throughout the school year? 

No, although we’d gladly take your contribution at any time!  We have three fundraisers a year: 

  • Fall– Oct/Nov: an emphasis on having everyone contribute something.  The health of the Foundation is not only the total $$ raised, but also the number of families who give.  The Foundation represents ALL of us!
  • AuctionFriday, March 14, 2014.  NOT TO BE MISSED! The Auction is the Foundation’s biggest fundraiser and loads of fun to boot!  It’s a great time to hang out with your BCS parent friends and family, see great student artwork, and bid on your favorites. Mark your calendar today!
  • Spring– May 2014.  Schools receive their final budget allocations in early May. We have until June 30 to raise whatever is needed to provide additional educators and close the staffing gap. Our books close June 30 and the money is sent to schools in early July. 

9.    Are contributions to the Foundation tax deductible? 

Absolutely! The only exceptions are tickets to the Auction and the fair market value of goods purchased at the Auction. All contributions to the Fall and Spring Campaigns are fully tax deductible. And, all of your contributions of goods and services to the Auction are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  

10.Why does All Hands Raised send my tax receipts and operate the online contribution website? 

All Hands Raised/Portland Schools Foundation serves as the umbrella nonprofit for all of the local school foundations, including the BCS Foundation. It manages our bank accounts, tax receipts, and online contributions. To learn more about All Hands Raised, visit its website at www.allhandsrased.org.

11.What’s the best way to support the BCS Foundation?

We’d love for you to be involved!  Here’s how you can give: 

  • Financial contribution: drop off a check with the secretaries at either school, or make an online donation (one-time or monthly) at http://allhandsraised.org/donate/
  • Volunteer– we always need LOTS of volunteers for the Auction (3/14/14).  Whether it’s doing things in advance or helping set up/take down the day of, we need you! Contact Sadie Rogers (sadiekrogers@gmail.com) or Kieren Porter (Kieren@earthlink.net) to learn how to get involved. 
  • Donate an item to the Auction– Since we have several levels of auction activities - an oral auction, silent auction, group-purchase easel items and more - we have a wide range of needs for donated items, activities and events. Contact Lara Raban (lararaban@comcast.net) to talk about your ideas and our needs! 

12.Who serves on the 2013-2014 BCS Foundation board? 

  • Kieren Porter, Foundation Chair + Auction Co-Chair
  • Kirsten Chambers, Fundraising
  • Sandra Gray, Treasurer
  • Adrienne Kringen, Research
  • Christine Ognall, Fundraising
  • Anne Pressentin, Communications
  • Sadie Rogers, Auction Co-Chair

13.How can I learn more about the Foundation?

  • Look for a board member on the playground or contact Kieren Porter at Kieren@earthlink.net
  • Please read this letter from Principal Teri Geist, Foundation Chair Kieren Porter, and PTA President Heather Leek to find out what the BSC fundraising goals are for this school year.